Rising Damp in Accrington

Rising damp is one of the primary causes of damp in buildings. It develops when water within the ground rises up in to the fabric of the building through capillary attraction. We supply a full service to tackle both rising and penetrating dampness and harness current processes. If you believe your premises might be suffering from rising damp in Accrington, contact us and we’ll help you pinpoint the causes and help you find the best solutions.

specialist treatments for rising damp in accrington

What problems are caused by rising damp?

It’s important to address rising damp as soon as possible to mitigate the following issues: As rising damp moves through the permeable layers it could impact on the structural integrity of a building by leaching out minerals and by causing timber decay. Rising damp in Accrington can also trigger the development of mould, which can have a damaging impact on the health of the building’s occupants. Increased heating cost for a house with rising damp, as heat passes more freely between the damp walls.

Treatments for Rising Damp in Accrington

Anchor Building Services (lancashire) ltd have years of experience in combating damp problems associated with rising damp and we understand the difficult position this can put the home owner in. As such Anchor Building Services (lancashire) ltd offer full service penetrating damp proofing methods that quickly and properly deal with rising damp within the building.

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